Gossip Girl: “The Non-Judging Breakfast Club”

Fine, I’ll watch Gossip Girl, but only because it’s ridiculous and there’s only one episode left. If you don’t watch the sometimes-addictive teen drama, you’re probably wondering why some people you know today are saying “I’m Chuck Bass.” As a service, I’ve provided the clip below, which is about as intentionally funny as this show-that-thinks-it’s-so-witty gets. The blonde chick has a secret, and her “friends” are trying to get it out of her by one-upping each other in terms of messed up stuff they’ve done themselves. And the guy with the most makeup says “I’m Chuck Bass.” (No spoilers, just a funny scene.)

Oh, Chuck Bass, the celluloid offspring of John Malkovich’s Valmont, Ryan Phillipe’s Valmont, and James Spader’s Steff. As my friend said last night “I just want to change him!” She should start with the hair.