Did Chuck Scarborough Make Sue Simmons Curse On Live TV?

First Bill O’Reilly in the ’90s, now this (ha). Last night, beloved longtime WNBC co-anchor Sue Simmons was teasing a story about getting the most at the grocery store when, apparently thinking she was off the air, yelled “The fuck are you doing??”. It was followed by 8 seconds of silence:

Simmons later apologized for using “a word that many people find offensive”:

But it wasn’t really the word that was the problem, it was the anger in her voice. And who was she yelling at. Her co-anchor Chuck Scarborough? And what did he do, put his hand on her leg or something? A spokesperson for WNYC has already said that Sue’s apology is the last we’ll hear about this incident, but the people demand answers. Until we get a real explanation, I’m going with Scarborough Leg Grabgate. I will never watch those two the same way again.