YouTube Now Providing Porn To 10-Year-Olds

This video is currently the featured promotional video on the front page of YouTube, but for some reason embedding was disabled by user. Well, sorry Playtex, but the Truth Is Out There, if by “truth” you mean your ad about boobs and if by “out there” you mean we figured out a way to post it.

I feel like one more glass of Pinot Grigiot on the set and we might have actually gotten somewhere. But according to this, women have surprisingly unoriginal names for their breasts, with the exception of Lacey and Casey. That is fine. But what’s funny is how many women still managed to eek out some sadness by saying “they are my best friends.” What about all your cats? Naming breasts would just be creepy and weird, but nothing wrong with cuddling up on the couch with your body and telling your chest what you would do to George Clooney given half a chance.

There are a bunch more Playtex bra videos here, GUYS. I particularly recommend “The Happy Bra Dance.”