Alec Baldwin On 60 Minutes: Charmingly Bloviating

Last night in a juicy interview with Morley Safer, Alec Baldwin demonstrated his range as an unfiltered, egomaniacal, totally charming emotional roller coaster. Watching him go from joking about his age (“I’m getting pretty close to Law And Order judge phase of my career”) to defending his description of Dick Cheney as “a lying thieving oil whore” by pointing out that the cameramen are laughing, to sounding unavoidably batshit crazy when the subject of his ex-wife comes up, Alec is just never not entertaining. Even when he’s dissing Johnny Depp:

“Johnny Depp seems like someone who needs to be taken care of. Women want to reach out and sort of braid his hair.”

Full interview after the jump.

Clearly Alec needs someone in his life to tell him to stop defending himself for that voicemail message, but it’s kind of refreshing to watch someone so unfiltered. I wonder if Johnny Depp will have a comeback for the hair-braiding comment?