CSI: Comedy Scene Investigation! Get It? Because They Killed Comedy.

As part of their brilliant May Sweeps strategy, CBS had the writers from Two and a Half Men switch with the writers from CSI and write respective episodes for each show. Lindsay actually volunteered for Two and a Half Men duty, so I thought I had lucked out. Wow, no. Needless to say, it was definitely one of the worst episodes of CSI ever, but I’m also pretty sure they’re going to keep the whole thing in a plexiglass display case in the Museum of Television and Radio Paley Center For Media with a commemorative plaque that says “The Day Television Ate Its Own Tail And Died Of Fart Poisoning.” I’m pretty sure that’s going to happen.

Unbelievable. You know that these shows are written by an entire staff of writers, right? Like, it’s not just one guy. Just in case you thought it was one guy. Because if it was one guy, writing a show would be really hard. Sometimes you might have an off day. But with a whole staff of writers, there’s a level of quality control. People can read something and say “you know what, let’s change that line so it isn’t the fucking worst line.” At least, that’s what would happen in theory. I don’t know, I’m not a professional.