Manohla Dargis Takes The Makers Of What Happens In Vegas To Film School

Manohla Dargis didn’t like What Happens in Vegas, sure, but she disliked it so much that she used a sizable chunk of her review to explain to the filmmakers how to make films:

The word dailies here refers to select material shot that day and viewed by certain crew members. Dailies can be projected as prints or watched on videotape or both, but are now often digital and displayed on monitors, which may affect quality control. Because, unless you’re David Fincher and a genius, or an obsessive-compulsive, it may be easier to ignore your mistakes when they look like specks on a computer monitor. Or as Robert Elswit, the cinematographer for Paul Thomas Anderson’s “There Will Be Blood,” which used traditional dailies, said on “The other great thing about seeing film dailies is that you can’t kid yourself about focus and all the other technical issues that can come back to bite you.”

Will the makers of WHIV ever escape from Snap Island? I’m pretty sure I’ve never read a film review that had to redress the makers for not focusing the camera properly. CHEMICAL BURN. I just hope that director Tom Vaughn can take something away from this.

It’s only after you’ve lost everything that you’re free to do anything, Tom Vaughn.