Lost: 5 Spoiler Alerts

Each week, Lost is full of so much mystery. Here are the top 5 mysteries from last night’s episode. This post is covered in wall-to-wall SPOILERS, guys.

Man, mysteries 2 and 3 were really blowing my mind. Both Batmanuel and Colonel Daniels visited Locke BEFORE he ever got to the island?!?!? And as a child he drew the Smoke Monster?!? That island is so weird, am I right you guys? Also, Locke can see Jack’s dad, which is crazed, because that means that he’s not just a special visitation to Jack. And also, what is up with CLAIRE and her stupid FACE. I will say this: we all love mysteries, but I do not like smug mysteries. She’s so proud of herself for being so mysterious. Shut up, Claire.

Next week: At least 5 more mysteries, I’m sure.