Who Does NBC Think Is Watching 30 Rock? Your Mom!

Do you ever see the same commercial over and over on different channels and get the feeling you’re being targeted? (If the number of times I see the Cymbalta commercial is any indication, my TV habits are that of a severely depressed person, for example.) Last night while watching 30 Rock, I got a funny feeling that NBC has a very specific, surprising type of viewer in mind for the fast-paced hipster comedy. And it’s your mom.

She loves her some chocolate from Target:

She’s dying for a new Crackberry:

She has the girls over to sit on her Home Depot lawn furniture:

She’s a soccer mom:

She knows soft skin is a must:

She drinks Sierra Mis–what? What? Well, she could:

Ellen and Beyonce!

May 30 cannot come soon enough, am I right?


I’m sorry your Mom has a yeast infection. That’s gross. (Don’t forget – Sunday is Mother’s Day!)