The First Seven Minutes Of Speed Racer Are Good?

This clip has already been making the blog rounds, and my enthusiasm for Speed Racer has been so low that I was not going to post it. But these first seven minutes actually make the movie look kind of good.

Right? That looks good. It’s got things that appeal to me, like Jason Street, bright colors, CGI cherry blossom trees, and Inspector Gadget cars. You know what, good for Mr. and Mrs. Wachowski. They’ve eaten a lot of shit for this movie so far, but apparently while no one was looking they quietly nailed it. But why do they hate gravity so much? They’re so angry about gravity. I’m pretty sure every time they get together to come up with a new movie idea, there’s one wipe board for concepts and characters, and a dedicated wipe board just for angry rants about how much they want to beat the shit out of gravity.