The Promotion: “Election In A Supermarket”

The Promotion premiered at SXSW this year to enthusiastic reviews and comparisons to Office Space and Election. (Cinematical calls it “Election in a supermarket.”) It’s another comedy about “ordinary” people, in this case two Chicago supermarket employees (Seann William Scott and John C. Reilly) sabotaging each other in a battle for the same job as manager of a new store. What sounds like a high-concept, unoriginal premise looks from this new trailer to be done with surprising subtlety and intelligence. Seann William Scott seems to have fully let go of the Stiffler act, and John C. Reilly’s Canadian accent is hilarious. After the jump, the trailer for The Promotion and the classic Mr. Show exploration of supermarket sabotage.

From Mr. Show, experience the Fairsley Difference (and you’ll never find a rat!):

The Promotion opens in theaters on June 6.