The Anna Nicole Smith Movie In Seven And A Half Entertaining Minutes

God bless Rich Juzwiak of When nobody else even remembered the Willa Ford Anna Nicole Smith movie, Rich went and found it leaked on the internet last week, watched it, and distilled it down to a 7.5 minute video (arranged by theme!) that you won’t need a “subscription” to pain pills to watch. As Rich mentions, the movie has no release date, but lines like “You like my boobs? I bought them.” and “Spunk’s a fun word!” deserve catchphrase status. And I love the filmmakers’ decision to pull an American Beauty (complete with AB ripoff music, natch), and have Anna rise to view her dead body and provide analysis of what it’s like to be dead at the end. I just know that three years from now I’ll be watching this movie on USA and a friend will call and ask what I’m doing and I’ll tell them I’m reading Vanity Fair, “the book not the magazine.” But until then, this video will more than do. Watch it at FourFour.