Mike Gravel Is Killing Me Softly With His Song

For awhile I thought Mike Gravel was kind of great. He was just so grumpy. We could use some grumps in Washington instead of all these Vaseline Teeth. And his avant garde campaign videos, while insane, were insane in a lovable, amazing way. He was like the Timothy Treadwell of the 2008 election. But this? This is just nuts:

(via Radar)

Wait, he’s still running for President? Shouldn’t someone tell him? Also, can this please be the last time that we make an old white person “rap” as a “joke.” It’s simply the worst thing. I’ve talked about a lot of worst things before, but those were all the best thing compared to the old white person rapping thing, which is genuinely the worst. It makes my heart die a little bit, and I don’t have the smarts to make a miniaturized arc reactor to power my sweatsuit.