Lindsay Lohan’s New Song “Bossy” Does Not Bring All The Boys To The Yard

Lindsay Lohan is smarter than you might think. Hey, movie business not panning out that great? She’ll just go back to her other love, making horrible music. New single “Bossy” guys:

(thanks Geoff)

It’s kind of weird to give your song the same name as another song that already KILLED IT. It’s like Lindsay calling her next movie Juno. Also, I don’t really think Lindsay can claim the term “bossy” at this point. She should probably have called her song “Conciliatory” or “Eager.” Still, if I owned a nightclub I would happily build a time machine and take everyone back to 2001 when this song might have received slightly fewer angry boos on the dance floor before I was inevitably forced to turn it off and put on something good.