The Ultimate Argument Settler: The 10 Best SuperDeluxe Videos Of All Time, an offshoot of Turner networks and a source for some funny videos, is e-shuttering its iDoors, and being folded into Adult Swim, reports the Washington Post:

Yet another comedy site fails to deliver its overpromise … paidContent has learned that Turner told staff today it is folding into, and laying off much of the SuperDeluxe team. From the internal memo by Paul Condolora: “Our management of the Turner Animation, Young Adults & Kids brands requires us to always look for efficient, strategic ways to grow them. In Super and Adult, we have businesses whose potential for individual growth is limited by their increasingly complementary content. Rather than position them as competitors for the same audience, the smarter move is to consolidate the two brands to create a richer, stronger platform that builds on Adult Swim’s number-one position with young adults.” Candolora described Super Deluxe as “a business with a loyal audience and critical following.” Super Deluxe launched in 2007 as an edgy, multiplatform brand aimed at men 18-24.

It’s not exactly clear what this says about the future of web-specific content, if it even says anything. SuperDeluxe had a very aggressive goal with only few exceptions, which was to consolidate the work of the alt-comedy (fart) scene. So in some ways it says more about that scene than anything else. Maybe elaborate and sometimes off-putting inside jokes aren’t the smartest way to build a broad, successful business. Just kidding. I’m sorry that SuperDeluxe fell into Whoops Ocean nullus a rare miss.

In honor of their passing, here are the definitive top 10 videos from SuperDeluxe of all time.

10. The Poundcast #2: I Don’t Get It

9. Bible History #1

8. Derek & Simon: Sweet Tits

7. Penelope Princess of Pets: Openings

6. All My Exes #1: Jean-Michel

5. Thunderpoint: Swim Club

4. What’s Doin’ With Bein’ Classy

3. Tim and Eric Nite Live #8

2. The Maria Bamford Show: Showtime

1. The Making Of: Bird Poops In Mouth

As with every Ultimate Argument Settler, these are scientifically proven to be in the correct order, and not a single video has been overlooked.