Will Michael Clark Duncan’s Noble Career End In Premature Tragedy?

A new Street Fighter movie has started filming, and Capcom has launched a blog full of fascinating (not fascinating) behind-the-scenes updates on the project (via Wired). But will Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li suffer from the Curse of Raul Julia, in which a talented actor dies after a Street Fighter film wraps, marring his legacy with the saddest of sad cash-grabs? Is there even anyone good enough in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li to receive the curse? Without any Christopher Lees or Ian McKellen’s attached, it’s between Chris Klein and Michael Clarke Duncan. I guess between the two of them Michael Clark Duncan has the slightly more prestigious career. By, like, [fingers stretched to a hair’s breadth] thismuch.

Please be careful, Michael Clark Duncan. Not as if your final roll was Balrog would really be that much worse of a cap on your career, than, say, being the voice of Commander Vachir in Kung Fu Panda. In any case, I will always remember you as the guy who ate Ving Rhames.