What If They Started A Feud With Stephen Colbert In Second Life, And Nobody Noticed?

Did you guys know that there’s a huge protest going on in Second Life? The avatar people or whatever are spending all their Linden dollars on virtual poster board and imaginary Sharpies, gathering on the steps of a picture of a building and waving the arms they had to actually buy with actual money to protest something Jon Stewart said about one of their own! Soon there could be virtual rioting in the pixel streets, and probably no real people will even notice. It’s all explained in this video (sort of), where a Second Life dude calls Stephen Colbert “Jon Stewart’s little brother”, and “dares” Stephen to enter the realm of Second Life to meet him avatar-face-to-avatar-face:

I mean, the audience of silent bears? The eagle avatar that probably set someone back 20 Linden dollars? I just don’t understand why Second Life people have to make it so easy for us to laugh at them.