Too Soon, Kermie. Too Soon.

Via BWE, the “SadKermit” people who brought us lovable Muppet mensch Kermit The Frog singing “Hurt” and “Something I Can Never Have” present Kermit once again singing one of the saddest songs ever: the late Elliott Smith’s heroin lament “Needle In The Hay.” This could have been a cheap joke, but it’s actually very well done (Kermit’s double-tracked voice, the re-enactment of the Royal Tennenbaums suicide scene which also used the song). “Needle In The Hay” is a song it’s almost impossible to hear without crying a little, and I did, but I also had to have a giggle at the part of the song that usually slays me the most: “You oughta be proud that I’m getting good marksssssssssss.”

The SadKermit Myspace headline says it all: “It’s excruciatingly painful being green.”