The Spirit Is Still Going To Be Released In Theaters

I just got a press release reiterating what I had seen on blogs, that Frank Miller’s The Spirit will now be released a whole month earlier than previously announced. Repeat, Frank Miller’s The Spirit will now hit theaters on Christmas Day, 2008, rather than on January 16th, 2009.

This is great news? What?

I’m sorry, nerds, but can we keep it together, please. Christmas Day 2008 is in a million years. I haven’t even watched last night’s College Hill: Atlanta and I’ve got to worry about some movie coming out six months from now instead of six and a half months from now? I know we’re all here to fuck around and not get that spreadsheet on Johnson’s desk by three, but there’s got to be some prioritization in life. Not every piece of information carries equal weight. Now, back to the fart videos.