BREAKING: Harvey Dent As Two Face

The big Dark Knight news this week is how the new trailer features much more Harvey Dent and hints of his transformation into the infamous villain Two Face. Two Face usually looks kind of silly. But Christopher Nolan has proven himself capable of darkening up the corners, so there is plenty of anticipation for what he’ll do with this character. In particular, and this is something the Batman franchise has always lacked, will he be able to make Two Face’s deformation look convincing enough that you’d actually believe Dent suffered enough to fully abandon his progressive political roots and turn to a life in crime. I don’t know about you, but I think the leaked concept art provides a resounding yes.

OH YUCK. Just kidding. The concept art seems to get taken down instantly by Warner Bros. and we are but a baby website still. Please go to io9 for the real thing.