Talk Show Therapy: Christina Ricci Thinks Monkeys, Cougars, And Bobcats Are Going To Eat Her

Celebrity intervention alert! In recent therapy sessions on Jay Leno’s couch, Christina Ricci continues to reveal more about what appears to be a crippling pathological fear of God’s special creatures, The Animals. In February, Christina revealed to Jay that she hates monkeys (saying “I hate monkeys” no fewer than four times), and told a story about a monkey grabbing her boob on the set of Speed Racer. Ricci gave us even more details of her condition on Leno last night. When Jay asked her if she had pet a cougar that had been on the show earlier, Christina looked at him like he was crazy and said “That cougar could eat me!” Then she told a story about how she lives in terror of a bobcat in her neighborhood because “They eat people! They eat people!” Clips after the jump.

She also talks about her shoe obsession:

Here’s Christina in the February appearance, hating monkeys:

Christina really sounds like a ton of fun, doesn’t she?
Diagnosis: Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Maimouphobia, Zoophobia
Treatment: Klonopin