The Vast Sex And The City Movie Conspiracy Of Silence Squealing

Hey gals, are you ready for a sneak peek at the Sex And The City movie? Well here it isn’t, because it’s becoming increasingly clear that all press for this movie (starting with Oprah) is going to involve carefully selected highly uncritical female reporters squealing at the show’s stars about how much they loved the movie. (But don’t worry, they won’t say anything about it except that it’s great! The clothes, my God, the clothes! The shoes, oh Jesus, the shoes!)

Surely someone out there exists who has seen the movie and is willing to spoil it for real. This is not a matter of National Security. I know the movie has been screened for reporters (and random bloggers) who signed things, but if you email me I will absolutely guarantee your anonymity. Because I really can’t take an entire month of this: