Fireproof: Finally, A Christian Backdraft

This is really happening:

(thanks, Ricky)

“Marriage is like a fire, but when you pull the alarm … see, you can pull the alarm but help isn’t on the way, because … fire will burn … marriage will burn you … and … So, when you get married your going to be in a fire and you need to sound the fire alarm but it can’t be put out because love can’t be put out.”

I showed this to Max and he said “Is this a porno? I’m 40 seconds into this trailer, and I still think it might be a porno.” Nope, not a porno, just that wonderful porno production quality but without all the devil’s sex.

I have a feeling this is going to be the best movie about fire, God, and marriage starring Kirk Cameron that comes out this year. Don’t believe me? Listen to what Dr. Gary Smalley, author of Change Your Heart, Change Your Life had to say: “Amazing!”

Need more convincing? Look what the same people did with football, God, and marriage. I’m pretty sure Peter Berg stole that whole movie and just remade it shot for shot and called it Friday Night Lights. Except that in Facing The Giants, God is QB1, and Tim Riggins is (still) the Immaculate Conception.