Paradise Hotel 2: Zach And Stephanie Don’t Make A Porno

On last night’s episode of Paradise Hotel 2, we got a rare glimpse of Zach and Stephanie just being themselves.

Wow. How many of us have had this exact fight about how the night before your partner was totally willing to have sex with you on camera, but tonight he or she is acting like it’s a problem on camera, and by the end of the night you don’t even know what you’re arguing about on camera anymore, you just want to go to sleep on camera and not even touch each other on camera you’re so frustrated on camera. This clip is like couples’ therapy for America. Later in the episode is also the best because after elimination Stephanie comes back to the room and Zach’s laying on top of the bed with all the lights on in nothing but a t-shirt and tightie whities and she says “what are you doing?” and he says “I’m just so tired.” I’m so tired, you guys. You know those days where you just want to lay on top of a hotel bed with studio lights bearing down on you in nothing but your underwear while a cameraman stands in the window and films you because you’re just beat. This is definitely one of those days. I’m so tired I don’t even want to not embarrass myself.