Two And A Half Men And CSI: United By Semen

Last night, CBS made “television history” by airing an episode of the #1 sitcom in America, Two And A Half Men, written by the writers of their top drama, CSI. Unfortunately, Charlie Sheen was unharmed. You don’t have to have seen much of either to guess the one thing these two seemingly unrelated shows have in common other than mediocrity: semen. In the case of CSI, they kind of have to mention all of the bodily fluids in order to solve murders with any sort of realism. In the case of Two And A Half Men, however, I defy you to find a family in America that mentions semen as often as this one does, or at all. Gag. This clip from last night’s episode perfectly exemplifies the dovetailing of the two shows into a celebration of bad semen jokes. Guess the context in which Jackson Pollock’s name is dropped!

The episode of CSI written by the Two And A Half Men people airs Thursday night. You might want to keep a bucket by the couch.