Adam Chu Takes Mandy And Miley To Dance School

I noted earlier the existence of the Adam Chu vs. Miley Cyrus YouTube dance off, but hadn’t followed up for a few days. Sorry, I’ve been busy. In the meantime, a couple of rounds have gone by. I know this is going to sound stupid and naive, but the internet + young people = crazy. The power of Miley Cyrus’s YouTube page could run a small village gated community. The Miley Cyrus response video has more than 3,000,000 views, and the Adam Chu response video is already up to 900k after four days. Both videos after the jump.

Miley and Mandy, April 13th:

The Adam Chu Dance Crew, April 30th:

I’m not a professional dancer, but I’m pretty sure Miley and Mandy are getting their asses grand battement-ed. The Chu Crew crush it in that second video to the point where Mandy and Miley should probably apologize and give all their money back to Disney for being bad entertainers. If you watch the second video for long enough (and seriously, watch the whole thing, what are you doing instead? Working?) it makes you feel like America’s paving the way to a brighter future through the major industry of dance and somehow you’ve been left in the coal bin of history. Miley and Mandy are seriously going to have to STEP IT UP if they want to stay in this thing.

You better DRUMLINE.