The Ax Men Drinking Game You Desperately Needed

Last night, I caught a few episodes of The History Channel’s Ax Men, a one hour reality show about Oregon loggers from the creators of Ice Road Truckers (because even things that happened five minutes ago are technically “history.” I want The History Channel to just say “fuck it” and have a show that takes place in the future.) I have to admit I started watching it a little ironically, but the show soon lured me in because it’s a show about a bunch of dudes almost killing themselves cutting down trees while cursing constantly. Next Sunday at 10 when you have people over to watch Ax Men, here’s a drinking game to make it more interesting. Take a drink whenever:

  • Anyone curses
  • Anyone says “load”
  • A logger accuses another logger of being lazy
  • A logger complains about technology
  • Someone almost dies

I promise you’ll be wasted.