For The Love Of Amanda Lorber

Rich Four Four put together this amazing celebration of Amanda Lorber, aka the only interesting thing about MTV’s new high school newspaper reality show The Paper, and thus has single-handedly made me re-add The Paper to my DVR schedule. Rich makes a great argument for Amanda Lorber as one of the few reality show personalities who actually deserves to have her own show:

I love that over the course of three half-hour blocks, this kid has exhibited more depth than Heidi Montag has in, what? Thirty episodes of The Hills? Amanda has more personality in the portion of her nose that was removed than Tila Tequila could ever dream of possessing in her entire body

Amen! MTV needs to follow this girl throughout her entire life. Thanks to Rich, we now know Lorber has had her own YouTube channel long before she got on MTV. Here she is doing an adorable interpretive lip-sync-dance to The Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights”:

Made even more adorable (and oddly hypnotic) by the fact that the music is totally un-synched. It’s a bit more synched in this original jam about Facebook, which she wrote. She can actually sing! More than other rhinoplasty-loving (and hiding) MTV reality stars can say (hint: her sister’s name is Jessica and her name begins with Ashlee Simpson).