Videogum Is Scaring Us

Clearly, Tom Cruise’s official website is telling us something. Something is going to happen at noon Eastern Daylight Time today. Here is what we know: The flashing “25” is because of the 25th Anniversary of Risky Business, which Tom will be promoting in a second appearance on Oprah today. But what is the significance of noon? Did Risky Business open at noon on May 5, 1983? Does Oprah air at noon in some markets? Will Risky Business go on sale at noon today, even though DVDs usually go on sale on Tuesdays? Or is something more sinister going on? I’ve set an alarm clock for noon. I suggest you do the same.

UPDATE: Well, that was anti-climactic. It’s just a Letter From Tom and a Tribute To Tom From Tom video, and I guess the announcement of his plans to share more of himself on his website. Tom Cruise discovers the internet!