Lost Is A Riddle Wrapped In A Mystery, Inside A Polar Bear

OK, Lost is good again. We agree on that. But it is kind of hilarious the rate at which they are adding new mysteries each week. Last night OBVIOUSLY SPOILER ALERT there was Hurley’s prophecy that Jack would be visited by his dead father, Jack’s line about how he chose to leave the island while Sawyer chose to stay, Charlotte’s mastery of the Korean language, the fact that Jack got appendicitis on the island while everyone else who was sick (Locke, Rose) gets cured, and Claire’s visitation/disappearance. AND LAST NIGHT WAS NOT EVEN PARTICULARLY MYSTERIOUS! It’s not news that this show is written for the water cooler, but this is getting ridiculous. The preview for next week’s episode actually made me laugh out loud:

Dead for 12 years. Right. No, that makes sense. He looks great. We should all be so lucky. Whatever, Lost. I love you, you big dumb show.

SIDENOTE ON MYSTERIES: Whatever happened to that medicine that was being injected all over the place in season 2? Remember how Desmond gave himself a pneumatic shot every day? And when they stole Claire’s baby, they gave both of them secret island medicine? Anyone? Bueller?