30 Rock: Jonathan’s “Goodbye Is 2 Hard” Poster

Last night’s 30 Rock, “Sandwich Day,” was, as usual, a triple-watcher (lately I’ve been triple-watching by rewinding each scene and watching it twice, then watching the entire episode for a third time, but that’s just a pro-tip: each person should figure out the 30 Rock multiple viewing system that works for him or her). Liz tried to impress her ex, Floyd, while a displaced Jack moved to the nightmare netherworld of the 12th floor. As he was leaving, Jack’s adoring assistant Jonathan (played by Maulik Pancholy), presented him with a Goodbye Collage Poster that we only saw for a second:

JONATHAN: “I made you this.”
JACK (pushing it down): “No, no you didn’t.”

Until someone at NBC scans a high-res photo of the poster, we have this screencap:

As a professional bad poster artist, I would have suggested “Jack U R My Princess,” but the picture of Liz Lemon with the catchphrase “Fine, Pal” is pretty good.