The Entire Cast Of The Real World Sucks

If the new season of the Real World is a game of Marry/Fuck/Kill, they are clearly trying to shoot the moon with a solid 7 kills round. Man, what a bunch of creeps. In last night’s episode practically everyone was a creep, and the only ones who weren’t just didn’t get on camera.

Mike is still first in line, with his weird aggro enabling of Joey’s drinking problem. Who does that? “I have a drinking problem.” “It’s cool, dude, you can always talk to me. Now let’s just have some fun by drinking, that’s all I’m saying to you.” Fuck that guy. It’s no wonder he’s having sex with that racist nightmare, Kim. Is she a winner, or what? I wish I could date her. I would take her to Mississippi and burn her. And then there’s Joey, which I don’t even really want to get into because I actually feel kind of bad for him. He threatened suicide in last night’s episode, which is not funny. But someone should switch out his steroids with some chill pills.

The best part about this season, though, is that their “job” is to take improv classes and start an improv troupe. They are going to have so many hilarious sketches about body shots and breaking up with your long distance boyfriend, you’ll bust a gut. By shooting yourself. In the gut. And then in the face.