This American Life Season 2, Hopefully With More Weiners

The new season of This American Life’s TV iteration starts this Sunday, May 4th, on Showtime at 10PM. That’s a lot of facts. Here’s a a lot of trailer:

How mad is Erroll Morris that he never thought of making a TV show? He’s so mad. “Ooooh, if only I were smarter!” That’s what Erroll Morris says to himself in the darkness of a lonely night. I’m excited for the second season, are you? I thought the first season was really good, especially for a first season. First seasons are usually pretty rough (look how far we’ve come from the Two and a Half Men of 2003 to the Two and a Half Men of today!) There are a bunch more teaser clips (a bunch=4, that’s just science) over at the show’s homepage. After the jump, my favorite piece from last season.

I do think NPR could learn a little something from Showtime if they want to attract a younger audience. I’m telling you, just one instance of Linda Wertheimer saying “Swallow it and choke on it, motherfucker,” and there’s your 14-17 demo right there.