Proposal: Give The Office Spinoff To Jan’s Ex Assistant, Hunter!

Today on Vulture, Will Leitch handicaps the odds of each major Office character getting a spinoff in time for the Super Bowl next year, and they would all make great shows, but I have an indecent proposal: Nick D’Agosto, aka Jan’s ex assistant, Hunter! Hunter hasn’t been seen since last year, but in this season’s dark back-from-strike premiere, “The Dinner Party,” Jan revealed that Ryan fired Hunter shortly after she left Dunder Mifflin. Hunter then released a CD with his band “The Hunted,” and a single called “That One Night” that implies that Jan “made him a man.” So, the show could follow Hunter and his band as they go on tour, and Jan could make guest appearances as his secret lover. Just look at him, he’s dreamy, it could work! Sure, he’s on Heroes too, but this kid is not famous enough.

Here’s the dinner party scene where Jan and Michael fight (partially) about Hunter to the tune of “That One Night” (which you can download here (login req.) and which was recorded for the show by Todd Fancy of The New Pornographers.)

I’ve been obsessed with Nick D’Agosto/Hunter ever since his first appearance on The Office, when I realized he was the kid in Election who discovered that the election was rigged. Greg Daniels, if you’re Googling yourself: give Hunter his own Office spinoff, please. He’s the natural choice.