Michelle Collins Interviews “The Elevator Guy”

Last Friday, our friend Michelle Collins from guest-hosted Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld on Fox News. And may I predict that Michelle Collins will soon host her own TV show, so charming and witty and good on TV is she. The funniest part was when Michelle introduced her slang term for a laugh fest, “LOLocaust,” to the Fox News audience. The most fascinating part was when Michelle interviewed the viral video star of Spring ’08 (thanks to The New Yorker), Nicholas White, who was famously stuck in an elevator for 41 hours in 1999, and whose life has never been the same since. At first, I thought White was an odd choice for a cheeky late-night show, but after watching this interview, I think he seems to enjoy finally being able to have a sense of humor about his tragedy:

But Michelle, asking him if he “pleasured himself” while he was in the elevator? LOLocaust, but maybe a little over the top.