Farmer Wants A Wife: Josie Thinks She’s Paris Hilton

Have you heard of this Josie chick on Farmer Wants A Wife? She’s the one from the preview who said she fights for men the way they do in the Middle East. On last night’s show, she suggested that if she won, she would “make a flood” and ruin the Farmer’s house for the insurance money. Josie is clearly modeling herself on Paris Hilton in The Simple Life, but the Simple Fact is Paris, while horrible, was kind of kidding, and really, you know, pretty. It’s rare on reality dating shows for the other contestants to appear to feel actually a little sorry for the psycho bitch contestant, but Josie is so clearly a total mess that the others just kind of nod their heads and look a little sad when she talks about how she could never even sleep with a guy who made less than 60k/year, or how she threatened her last boyfriend with STD and pregnancy rumors at his workplace.

But (spoiler) she stays at least another week.