Divorce Court Airs Gary Coleman’s Boring Marital Laundry

Don’t give these mentally handicapped fame whores any more attention! I just watched today’s episode, and this is an example of one of Gary Coleman and his virgin Child Bride Shannon’s big blowout 3 am fights, paraphrased for understandability and time (because it took her forever to spit it out):

This random guy told Shannon that he could see into the future and he knew when the world was going to end. Shannon said that while she knew the world was going to end eventually, she didn’t believe anyone knew the exact date. The guy got angry at Shannon, and Gary didn’t beat the guy up, so Gary and Shannon had a fight. If you absolutely must see this stupid fight explained, video is after the jump.

That’s it. That’s what they fight about. Also, I learned that Gary and Shannon met on the set of a “Mormon comedy” called Church Ball (heh) that you can ironically Netflix.