New Hulk Trailer Is Not The Worst Somehow

Well, it only took five years, a prolonged internecine fight over creative differences, and another trailer that was horrible and got ripped to shreds, to finally come up with a trailer for the new Edward Norton Hulk movie that looks halfway decent.

(via Film Drunk)

Man, I feel you Dr. Banner. Tear gas makes me super mad, too. So mad. I hate tear gas. People shoot tear gas into the gothic stone archway where I’m standing on the quad and they better LOOK. THE. FUCK. OUT. Every time someone shoots tear gas at me, I’m just like “DEFRIENDSTERED!”

Seriously, though, congratulations on this trailer, Hollywood. I’m sure you’re patting yourselves on the back with one hand, the index finger of your other hand still shakily hovering over the red PANIC button that self-destructs the whole city if the ultimate piece of shit — may it never come, no matter how hard you try — hits theaters.