College Hill: Atlanta Gets A Reality TV Check

Ah, finally, College Hill: Atlanta. Now this is real.

Admittedly, even in this fight, the reason is not that someone used someone else’s butt moisturizer, or that one of the strippers sucked off the other stripper’s boyfriend in the jacuzzi after one too many shots of well rum at the bar that gives the roommates free drinks, or because the bodybuilder hates the gay one. It’s because when Ashley L.’s parents came to visit the house, Dru was on the phone talking loudly about having threesomes, which is honestly not that cool. No, David Blaine! When you are on the phone talking about threesomes and a mom walks in the room, you’re supposed to change to code. Like “I think that three of us should get some ice cream tonight. What time do you and your friend want to get off of work?” But this is still a straight up reality show fight. No one is perfect, not even College Hill: Atlanta.

Also, I love when Dru holds the steak knife and bangs it on the table. Such a classic passive-aggressive adolescent move. I’m pretty sure the only thing that would be a more childish expression of his frustration is if he peed his pants and refused to put his shoes on to go to the park.