Jamie Kennedy’s Heckler Looks Pretty Good! And Not Just Because I’m Afraid Of Joe Rogan

Via CC Insider, here’s the trailer for Jamie Kennedy’s documentary Heckler, which explores the psychology and cultural significance of the kind of assface who ruins live shows by yelling things at the performer. My favorite part is when one heckler tries to find common ground with his hecklee by explaining that he’d “rather sit through a Creed concert.”

The diversity of the performers is impressive (did you ever think you’d see George Lucas, David Cross, Mike Ditka, and Joe Rogan on the same imdb page?), though the internet already knows what Joe Rogan thinks about criticism of any kind. Shiver. It’s like heckling is the one issue that brings almost everyone together (that and the suckiness of Creed.) The parts where Jamie and others confront their own hecklers and point out that they have lousy jobs seem like they could cross over to the bully side (and the “Dude, let it go” side), but it should be fun to see the hecklers try to defend an impossible position. And hey, Jamie Kennedy should be happy: Son Of The Mask no longer has a 4% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s now 5%.