Strollergasms Are Coming To Park Slope, Brooklyn

Well, this is annoying: the team behind Sex And The City are packing up their rhyming dictionaries and bringing their insightful sociological study of how women really talk to Park Slope, the area of Brooklyn known for yuppies with strollers. It’s being written by the writer/director of the 2006 film Gray Matters, who was presumably hired for her experience creating bad puns:

It’s an hour-long dramady (sic), Kramer, who lives in Park Slope, told Page Six.

It takes place in Park Slope and Park Slope is one of the characters in it. Park Slope has so much juice, just like Manhattan. It’s got a lot of pizzazz (sic) and energy.

I haven’t heard the word “pizazz” since modern dance class in third grade, by “juice” I assume she means “organic juice boxes,” I hope the Park Slope character is exactly like Kim Cattrall’s Samantha, and I can’t wait to hate-watch this. Update: a reader named Ricky points out that I forgot about the Pizazz viral video guy! Of course, duh, thanks, Ricky!