SPOILER ALERT: Clip From Tomorrow’s Lost

This is a clip from tomorrow’s Lost. Lindsay is my constant in case there’s a rift.

SPOILER ALERT I don’t care about Sun’s baby. I find it to be a boring, poorly-constructed plotline carelessly tossed in as a crude attempt to try and get more women watching the show. And that’s the most generous explanation. If it’s not a facile attempt to draw in more women, then it’s just bad. You’re going to tell me that “babies can’t be born on the island” is as solid a mystery as “fucking time travel” and “what the fuck is the smoke monster”? Besides, Sun, we already have a baby on the island. Oh, and Claire has a baby. So many babies.

I am glad to see that in the four days they’ve actually been on the island (it’s been four days since Oceanic Flight 815 crashed, right? I’m pretty sure it’s four.) that Jin has finally learned the common English expression “Either of them tries to run, shoot ‘em in the leg.” But really, it’s such an easy grammatical construction when you eliminate that fussy archaic “If” and the unnecessary subject, “you.” It’s just English 101. Oh, I’m sorry, I know we have a couple of foreign readers. I said, s’just English 101.