Roger Ebert Enters The Online Blogopolis

Roger Ebert has a blog. His top post is about Joe Vs. The Volcano. Nice. Roger Ebert is the best. You know that he wrote Russ Meyer movies, right? He wrote Beyond the Valley of the Dolls and also Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens. When he was a kid he edited a fanzine. He dated Oprah Winfrey. The man is a beast.

His synthesis of both art and commerce into a democratic view of film in which projects should be stripped of their patina—whether it’s the patina of high culture or the patina of latex supersuits—and judged on their merits, is smart and populist and it’s what has made him so successful. That doesn’t mean that I think all of his reviews are correct, but I respect the process he uses to arrive at his judgments.

Two thumbs way up for this guy. BLOGROLL.