Spencer Is Not The Only Prat

It is good to see that as print media falls into Whoops Ocean, there will still be a resource for self-improvement. At least if the way you want to improve yourself is to become more and more of a manipulative, lightly misogynistic asshole. Take, for example, the masterpiece that is Zach on last night’s episode of Paradise Hotel 2:

Whuuut? So good. Eat Zach’s shorts, Spencer. “If I’m being a total asshole to you, like just ripping you to pieces in front of people, fucking you and not calling you, whatever, it’s the strategy. Think about it, if I make you feel bad about yourself in anyway, like let’s say I gave you an eating disorder, or I used my socially reinforced position as a dominating male force to convince you that your only value was as a sexual object, or if I was to discredit any opinion you had as frivolous or uninformed because of your gender, that’s the perfect way to get those guys to think I’m on their side. Killer strategy, right tits?”

This show should be called Genius Bar.