The Diablo Cody Backlash Would Officially Be Over If It Weren’t For Diablo Cody

Speaking of wasting the internet, Diablo Cody started a twitter (via Defamer). So what’s she up to right this second? “These pants are cool. I look like a fucking train conductor. Let it be said: I RULE.”

We can all admit that the backlash to Cody has ended, because if it’s not over at this point the shame is not on her for bad writing, but on us for not being able to move on with our lives. And you know what, bully for her.

She won an Oscar. Who am I to say she didn’t deserve it. Sure she did. A round of champagne for everyone, on Doree. HOWEVER, after all of her success, not only professionally, but financially, don’t you think she could hire a live-in Self-Awareness Coach. Within three months of intensive one-on-one training she will recognize the fact that for people who’ve never landed movie deals or awards, the minute-to-minute textual postings of how much you rule and how awesome life can be when you can just chill out and be yourself finally without all the frustrations of shit like working in a cubicle and paying rent is not so much charming and cool as it is a legally acceptable defense for vehicular homicide (I’m looking at you, California residents in the Los Angeles area.)

Also, Lindsay just told me that more people follow her twitter than Diablo’s. LET THE LINDSAY ROBERTSON BACKLASH BEGIN.