Everything I Need To Know I Never Learned Because My Father Wanted To Write A Memoir

There’s a new memoir by David Gilmour coming out called The Film Club in which he allows his son to drop out of high school as long as he agrees to be home schooled by Gilmour, with the curriculum of watching three films a week. Whoops. You should probably name your memoir Tuesdays With The Worst Father. Of course, each of them rediscover the true meaning of the father-son bond, and that it’s a dude in the Crying Game, but I’m most looking forward to the sequel in which the son works at a gas station and the mom is really mad that she ever married David Gilmour. Also, if I remember high school correctly, there are enough lazy teachers that we probably watched more than three movies a week. Just saying.

Admittedly, I have not read it. Maybe it’s so good. But I also didn’t read David Denby’s memoir, and that details his rapid decline into full-on porn addiction following a bitter divorce and some crushing stock market losses, so if I had to choose just one professional film critic’s memoir about terrible decision making to read this year, it’s Team Denby.

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