What Was That Weird Goat Thing At The End Of How I Met Your Mother?

So on last night’s How I Met Your Mother, the inherent “Who is the mother?” mystery of which is like Lost for people who are too lazy for Lost, featured a scene that had been teased throughout the show, showing what a taken-in stray goat did to Ted’s bathroom during his 30th birthday party:

So it’s a clue, then! We now know that exactly one year from this episode, Robin will either live with Ted (the scenario they’re trying to tease), or will leave such an intimate item as a washcloth at his house. Also, the goat will still be living there as the Marcel-the-monkey of this new version of Friends. (You can watch the full episode, which is so-so but worth it for the John Adams parody and the Ted/Barney breakup scene, here.)