The Bachelor Final 3: Who Will Go Home Brokenhearted Tonight?

Last week, the only dateable bachelor in Bachelor history met the families of the women competing for his heart (or whatever), and tonight he’ll take the remaining three (Amanda, Shayne, and Chelsea) on fantasy dates to get to know them better (naked) before rejecting one of them. The woman I thought would win the show, Noelle, was kicked off last week, so all bets are off, but here’s who I think will go home tonight (and win in general) and why.

Amanda R, 27, Account Exec, Orlando, FL
Going for her: Matt surprised viewers by responding with delight to Amanda’s prank last week (hiring actors to play her parents as crazy people), and praised her sense of humor. Also, she seems normal.
Going against her: What’s wrong with her real parents that she did that? (Matt met them but they had zero screen time.) And in reality show land, “normal” = “boring.”
Prediction: Getting a rose.

Shayne, 22, Actress, Malibu
Going for her: She’s the prettiest, she clearly adores Matt, and cynically she’s the best choice if Matt wants to stay in the limelight.
Going against her: She’s only 22 and kind of ditzy, and her parents are what I imagine to be Matt’s family’s worst nightmare.
Prediction: Going home tonight.

Chelsea, 25, Pharmaceutical Sales Rep, Santa Barbara, CA
Going for her: Chelsea already insisted on her own fantasy suite date and has remained in the game, Matt’s probably spent more time with her than with any of the others.
Going against her: Not much!
Prediction: Engaged to Matt.

Possible alternative outcome: Matt sends Amanda home because Shayne will be easier to reject later for Chelsea, because he can just tell her she’s too young to get engaged, which she is. Bonus drinking “game”: if anyone does that annoying “pick me, choose me” speech from Grey’s Anatomy, take ten drinks!