Amy Poehler Pregnant With Movie Tie-In Stunt Fetus

I’m not saying that, actually, because that’s ridiculous, but everyone else is going to say that! I think it was kind of cool of Amy to wait until after the opening weekend of a very hyped movie called Baby Mama in which she plays a pregnant woman, to confirm her pregnancy. Like, you just know that some publicist at Universal begged and pleaded with her to announce it last week, but she was like “No, I’m not using my precious child to promote this movie, weren’t those awkward promo spots with Tina Fey during Thursday night’s NBC lineup enough?”

Or maybe they saved it for this week as a second-weekend push. Not to be outdone, tomorrow Kal Penn and John Cho will get arrested for marijuana possession.

By the way, as predicted by everyone, Baby Mama won Comedy Movie Weekend ’08, but Harold and Kumar 2 still grossed more in one weekend than the first movie did the entire time it was in theaters. So there.