Silly Billy Friedman Cannot Leave Unwell Enough Alone

If you haven’t seen the documentary Capturing the Friedmans, you should. It’s about a family in Great Neck, New York, patched together from home videos, after the father and one of the sons is charged with child molestation. In the grand tradition of prosecutorial documentaries (see also: The Staircase, Paradise Lost, both great, get on it), you’re left with the queasy discomfort of ambivalence. The law is an imperfect machine, and every family has skeletons in its closet. It’s particularly rough when those skeletons have potentially been raped and/or murdered.

One of the Friedman kids, Billy, chose the a totally uncreepy (so creepy) career of clown magician at children’s birthday parties. So you can imagine that the child molestation documentary was bad for business. But now he’s appearing on the new (extremely ridiculous) VH1 competition reality show, Celebracadabra:

Ooph. Way to go for it, Billy. You know that old saying, when your family name has been tragically and irreparably maligned, dress up as a clown and be super macabre and sexually perverse on national television. Presto, I just killed myself.