Paul Abdul Gradulate!

I think we all agree that the current crop of reality television (which, on that note, it’s the most dominant form of programming that’s ever existed, when are we just going to call it television?) is sub-par. It’s all Who Wants To Be The Next Fart, or Seven Farts Were Picked To Live In A…It fails to teach us anything about the world we live in, or the depths to which the human soul can sink. But there used to be a show that did both of those things. It was a living nightmare that opened our eyes to the poverty of the human condition.

YES! Reruns of Hey Paula! were showing on Bravo the other day and it brought everything into sharp focus for me. Where is the second season? We need more of this. The world does. It will end the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. It will solve our current economic worries. It will defeat John McCain in the 2008 election. Remember when she cried because someone told her she could submit a demo tape for a radio show? A demo tape. The woman loves medicine so much.

So, please sign my Hey Paula petition and let’s get Paula’s train wreck of a life back on the air. And remember, there’s no “not signing your petition” in “team.”